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  • Jan 20
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Best Fundamental Analysis Tools for a quick industry analysis that may be helpful to any investor

State of the Dapps
Look to this site if you want the most accurate, current numbers on Dapp performance across the EOS, Ethereum, and POA platforms. Because of this, it could be a good resource for fundamental analysis of these networks.

Coin Metrics
They provide open source crypto-asset analytics, including pricing charts and other fundamental metrics, all of which are downloadable in a .csv format, leading to their place among essential resources on fundamental analysis for investors.

Woobull Charts
This resource was created by Willy Woo, and thus heavily features his network value to transactions ratio. In an overarching sense, the site is split into three sections which include: Bitcoin Investment Charts, Bitcoin Economic Properties, and Bitcoin Network Properties. Given this, it appears to include a good cross-section of the types of fundamental analysis that it is possible to do.

This site provides you with current, important financial and performance statistics on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, XRP, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, all in one place. Due to this structure, one might conclude that this is an ideal resource for fundamental analysis of multiple cryptocurrencies.
As Etherscan is to Ethereum, so this is to Bitcoin. Blockchain provides various network stats, mining information and consistent data on Bitcoin network activity. Because of its longevity in the industry, many think of it as an ideal point in the fundamental analysis process for crypto infestors.

Etherscan Charts
Etherscan’s charts are the most precise related to the Ethereum network. This includes just about all usage statistics as well as token addresses that can help you integrate specific tokens with your Metamask wallet. Due to its’ versatility in this regard, it is reasonable to term this site an ideal fundamental analysis tool for any Ethereum or general ICO investor.

This is akin to a site like, except for the fact that it is tailored to serious traders. Therefore, trader-specific indicators are highlighted. These include: Bitcoin trading volume, volatility, a combined order book, bid/ask spread; hashrate, mining difficulty, the overall number of network transactions and more. Due to this uniqueness, you can be sure this site has earned its’ place among the best fundamental analysis websites.

Comprehensive database of active blockchain businesses, funding rounds, teams and tokenized securities. Kepler Finance (currently in beta) gathers key data about the companies across multiple sources, so that anyone researching the blockchain space can find it easily. More analytical features are announced to be launched soon, such as business score, similarity indicators and a built-in messenger for issuers and investors. Because of all of these factors, Kepler may be considered as both a helpful fundamental analysis tool and as a worthwhile addition to any suite of fundamental analysis software a crypto investor might be running.

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Sifr Data
Sifr particularly highlights market volatility, correlations, and typical financial metrics in a unique platform that allows its’ users to simulate price movement as well as other factors.

CryptoCompare is generally considered to be the most trusted crypto market tracker in terms of pricing data and listed assets. Some consider it as more accurate than Coinmarketcap due to allegations against the latter.

Coin Dance
Coin Dance is unique in how it offers community sourced, real-time info on Bitcoin alone. Beyond their focus on traditional market indicators related to Crypto’s leading asset, they also offer what they call a vanity address service, with which you can customize your Bitcoin addresses.

Trade Block
All in all, Trade Block provides market trackers for Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to a Bitcoin blockchain explorer that is like a simplified version of Etherscan and a Bitcoin mining calculator.

Crypto Fear & Greed Index
While this tool does not involve any type of fundamental analysis, it might be the most unique on this list in that it uses quantitative indicators to develop a trackable scale of the current crypto market fear and greed.

Crypto Panic
This team offers a news aggregator platform, which focuses on the reporting of events that impact price and market, a portfolio tracker, and a consistently updated blog. Since Crypto Panic is versatile along these lines, it does serve as a valuable resource for those who are working on understanding how to do fundamental analysis.

Cointracking is one of the most time-tested and therefore, one of the best pieces of fundamental analysis software that is available to crypto investors. They offer consistent real-time reports of all of your trades in addition to recommendations on future courses of action to take to maximize the performance of your portfolio.