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  • Jan 10
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In our series so far on beginning your journey as a Blockchain investor, we have spoken about books, newsletters and blogs. Even so, one specific source of meaningful content is still missing from the pack. Despite the fact that some industries feel that Twitter is not an important resource, the views expressed on Crypto twitter actually matter. Because of this, we have compiled a list for you below, of the most important crypto, altcoin, ethereum, and blockchain twitter accounts to follow.

Andreas Antonopoulos - Andreas Antonopoulos is perhaps the most important figure for all things Blockchain and Crypto. His status as on blockchain twitter lists is no exception to this rule. If there is one weakness in relying too much on his content, it would be that some think he focuses too much on Bitcoin and not enough on other Blockchain projects.

Vitalik Buterin - As with Antonopoulos above, Vitalik Buterin is an invaluable resource for just about everything in the Blockchain industry, including how Crypto relates to traditional economic theory. Despite his wide range of contributions, however, most would consider his to be the best ethereum twitter account because he essentially founded the Ethereum network.

Nick Szabo - Some believe, even now, that Nick Szabo is Satoshi Nakamoto even though he has publicly denied this possibility in the past. Look to his account for a wide range of content on how Blockchain tech relates to computer science, economics and many other spaces. This is the primary reason that he is on every listed of the best blockchain and cryptocurrency twitter accounts.

Erik Voorhees - Erik Voorhees is one of the Crypto pioneers, belonging in the top of the pack with the first three accounts that we have mentioned. Look to his twitter if you are interested in a uniquely decentralized view on the blockchain industry.

Adam Back - Adam Back leads Blockstream, which many claim means that he also leads the continued development of the Bitcoin network. More importantly, since he invested hashcash, which some consider to be a wide source of inspiration for Bitcoin, his twitter deserves a follow.

Peter Todd - Peter Todd is one of the only people in the Blockchain industry that appears to deserve the label of being a Blockchain and Crypto consultant. Since he avoids blatantly supporting any project, his account can serve as a wonderful resource for anyone looking for an impartial view on all things Blockchain.

Elizabeth Stark - The Lightning Network currently exists as the most likely chance for Crypto to truly scale. Because Stark is leading this effort, her account belongs on all lists related to the best altcoin, crypto, and blockchain twitter accounts to follow.

Gavin Andreesen - Just as Peter Todd stands a voice of reason in an industry that seems to include a lot of warring parties, Andreesen’s unique experience with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash puts up his account as a worthy follow.

Zooko - Zooko still acts as a leader for the Zcash project. The principal case for his account being the best altcoin twitter account to follow is his relatively disruptive take on how privacy should be valued above all.

Jameson Lopp - Jameson Lopp was one of the first Bitcoin developers and like others below, he mixes his experienced take on the industry with a healthy level of sarcasm. In addition to this, his twitter is valuable due to his current position as lead developer with CasaHODL, that aims to redefine how public and private keys are used.

Tuur Demeester - Give Demeester’s account a chance, primarily due to his carefully curated re-tweets of the opinions of all of the top influencers on blockchain and crypto twitter.

Brian Armstrong - It is no accident that Coinbase followed Mt.Gox as the Crypto’s second successful crypto exchange, but was the only one to continue to succeed over time. Look to Armstrong’s twitter for updates on how Crypto’s exchange leader is planning to update its offering over time, as well as what projects the highly profitable company plans to support.

Balaji S. Srinivasan - Not only is Srinivasan the current CTO at Coinbase, he is also one of the most well-known innovators across multiple industries to recently come out of Silicon Valley. Look to his twitter account as one of the must follows for forward thinking insights related to the blockchain, crypto and just about every other industry.

Charlie Lee - Since Litecoin serves as the de-facto silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Lee’s account deserves a follow simply because he was the CEO of the Litecoin project and continues to basically lead the Litecoin foundation.

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The Niche Players (The Silver Medalists)

WhalePanda - WhalePanda’s twitter account is truly interesting due to his sarcastic, humorous takes on the space that are actually often factually based at the same time. While some would not consider his account to be worthy of a place on crypto twitter lists, we would argue that his place is merited for this reason.

Alex Sunnarborg - Coindesk seems to have emerged as the leading news provider to the Blockchain industry, which comes in connection with the fact that they consistently have the most current research in all of their articles. In connection with this, Sunnarborg is actually the head of research at Coindesk, which serves as the primary reason that his account deserves its place here.

cnLedger - Look to cnLedger’s twitter account if you want consistent news on how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are affecting China over time. While doing so, keep in mind that due to the nature of their government, all of this can change at a moment’s notice.

Secrets - Follow this Crypto twitter account if you are interested in being provided with consistent, technical analysis related to the price movement of cryptocurrencies.

Murad Mahmudov - The reason that Mahmudov’s Twitter is here is simple. If you are interested in seeing how a Bitcoin maximalist views the continued development of the Blockchain industry, then his account merits your consideration.

Ricardo Spagni - Like WhalePanda, Spagni’s account deserves a follow mainly because he blends sarcasm with factual analyses of all Blockchain industry news. In addition to this, many believe that he is essentially the head of the Monero project. Therefore, if you are interested in privacy coins as well, consider giving him a follow.

Meltem Demirors - As with Peter Todd’s status as a crypto consultant, the fact that Demirors has a background in traditional consulting gives her a unique ability to analyze the Blockchain industry. Helping her case as having one of the chief blockchain accounts to follow is the fact that she is involved at MIT, the World Economic Forum and many other firms, all at once.

Nathaniel Whittemore - While Whittemore is chiefly known for his weekly ‘’Long Reads’’ podcast in which he analyzes the latest happenings with blockchain projects, his twitter includes in the same in a shorter format.

Nic Carter - Through his twitter account and the website of his business called Coinmetrics, Carter provides a truly unique take on the blockchain industry, driven by the goal of providing industry info that is difficult for the average investor to acquire on his or her own.