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Your Complete Guide to Being an Effective Blockchain Investor

Since the Blockchain industry and Crypto niche are still early growth spaces, waiting for the right book will only get you so far. News is coming so fast from so many different sources, sometimes on a minute-by-minute basis, it is essential to have a clear idea of what the top newsletters are in order to get an aggregated take on current events. In other words, ask yourself: how can I best keep my finger on the pulse when everything is moving at lightning speed?


Diar is special for two key reasons. First, they provide a data-driven, weekly newsletter that aims to essentially separate the true signals from the noise. Imagine a Blockchain newsletter that only shares well-researched news, backed by Key Performance Indicators. For a specific example of this, check out one of their latest articles in which they measure the performance of mining pools along eight technical areas. Secondly, they do not usually repost. Even Coindesk reposts headlines and adds their opinions to them. Because of these reasons, Diar is a truly excellent pick for your list of blockchain investment newsletters.

Token Economy

Look to Token Economy for a weekly dose of curated news on the latest in crypto-land: including current info on cryptocurrency networks, other blockchain projects, ICOs, dapps and the continued growth of the early-stage token economy. Overall, this is a great resource for big-picture looks on new developments in the distributed ledger technology space. In addition, it functions well as a source for those who are looking to learn more about the blockchain weekly, in general.

Brave New Coin. Crypto Market News & Insights

Brave New Coin is a data and research company at heart that looks at Crypto like it already is accepted as an asset in the overall finance industry. Look to this weekly newsletter if you are interested in consistent, traditional industry analysis of the Crypto and Blockchain spaces. As cryptocurrency investment newsletters go, if you want a more quantitatively-driven approach to your news, then look no further.

Messari’s Unqualified Opinions

If you subscribe to Messari, then you get a podcast and a newsletter, all at once, with the unique spin of being focused on team opinions about the Cryptocurrency niche. In other words, if you are into everything from the industry’s headlines to fringe topics that might soon become popular items of discussion, then give Messari a chance. Keep in mind that unlike some of the others, Messari’s offering is paid, at $100 a year or $15 a month. Even so, because of its popularity, you may consider it to be one of the best blockchain investment newsletters out there.

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Proof of Work

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency newsletter with insider takes on how Cryptocurrency projects are growing over time, then this could be the source for you. Proof of Work curates founder takes on these topics. Furthermore, it should be understood that in spite of its name, Proof of Work includes news from just about every sort of Crypto project and, for now, it is free. As they are clearly looking to grow, however, so it is possible that this newsletter will be paid in the future.

Crypto Weekly

This weekly effort aims to fuse opinions on all things related to decentralized technologies with price analyses of the market’s top Cryptos. In addition, they also provide unique interviews and research with discounts to events that are all only available to subscribers. Finally, Crypto Weekly is completely free and makes clear that it plans to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it might be the best cryptocurrency newsletter for someone who is just getting started.


While some may not think this is the best cryptocurrency newsletter, it makes a strong case for being the most unique. NFTY’s weekly Medium update is unique because of its main topic. Every update has something to do with Non-fungible tokens or NFTs, which is where the name comes from. If you are new to the space and not quite clear on what NFTs are, just imagine that Bitcoin is fungible and a token that is used to represent one piece of land, in a Dapp game like Decentraland, is non-fungible. In other words, NFTs are now used for things like in-game collectibles in the Crypto industry. If you want to know more about anything related to this topic, then look no further.

MIT Chain Letter

Some would argue that MIT has been one of the key institutions to lead the Blockchain industry toward achieving the explosive growth that it has. For proof of this, look no further than projects like Algorand, which came from MIT and the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, which is essentially a huge incubator for all things Blockchain. Their chain letter comes out twice a week - on Tuesdays and Thursdays - with the aim of educating people on “why the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies matter” to the world. In the end, if there is any one source here that could be the best blockchain newsletter, a strong argument can be made for it being this one.


If you know Coinmarketcap, then you know that it is essentially a continuous stock ticker for all Crypto projects. What you may not know is that some have claimed it is biased in certain ways towards certain projects. Though these claims are yet unsubstantiated, the CryptoCompare website still represents an interesting alternative to this for one key reason. It is a stock ticker, put together with recommendations for the best Crypto wallets, and a blog that intends to educate newcomers to the space. As if this was not enough, their blockchain and crypto newsletter offers a traditional, weekly market analysis for traders. In this, each week, subscribers are went the financial performance of the top Cryptocurrencies, Crypto index funds, and even selected news headlines.

The Control

As cryptocurrency and blockchain investment newsletters go, this one is unique because it focuses on projects that the VC firm 1confirmation believes are putting power back into the hands of the average person. In a nutshell, what this boils down to is that the bulk of the projects covered are Blockchain related. Related to this, when 1confirmation states that its curated news is related to those that are “putting power back into the hands of the average person,” it appears that they are referring to doing so through decentralized products. Subscribe here if you want a sequential blockchain newsletter on the progress of the industry, with a more inclusive point of view.

As with part one of our series, just because these newsletters may be considered the top options out there for aspiring and average Blockchain investors, does not mean that they are the only useful resources that exist on the subject. The importance of doing your own research to discover new sources that you more closely connect with cannot be overstated. Even so, these lists are an excellent and balanced place to start.